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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Batman Marathon Re-Visited

Well, today was suppose to be the date of the next Mocking Music marathon. The marathon was re-scheduled because we learned that Wintersleep is playing, so we are covering that instead.

We, at Mocking Music, are very sorry, and to make sure we don't lose our loyal fanbase, we have come up with these five videos.

They're behind the scenes look at the Batman Marathon! Please note, I think EZarchive converts video into streaming video, so these are all likely streaming. Enjoy!

How Do You Spell J-O-E-L? - We see what was happening when Andrew was typing up his Schumacher Schschumacher post.

How Come Geoff's Not Posting? - Um...because I'm filming you...

Blowing Ice - It seems Casey can't get off his homoerotic Batman crusade...I don't think George and Arnold would have made a good couple anyhow.

Marks' Departure - Mark get's the paparazzi treatment while Andrew and Casey scheme to lock Geoff out.

Casey Behind the Camera - Casey makes his filmaking debut. Watch out Calum!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Batman Begins...Ends

Well, we are now finishing up the Batman Marathon. It seems none of us can make it to Mask of the Phantasm. Overall, this has definately been the best of the six movies we've watched.

This marathon hasn't been as interesting as the last one it seems. Obviously there is only one reason for this. What has changed since the Star Wars Marathon? The material? Sure, okay, but that isn't what I'm talking about.

The blame falls totally on Mark Townshend. He disturbed the equilbrium we had, and it all went downhill. That, and there is a good chance he won't be reading this post resulting in lack of defence. Except now I suppose someone will show it to him.

Check back, I may or may not add some behind the scenes movies at a later date.

Villainy's afoot!

Finally the unfourtunate middle section of our marathon is over. We have completed the horrible movie "Batman & Robin." Because it has become something of my thing to make some sort of commentary on the villians of these movies (better than Casey's obsession), I will do so for this last one as well.

The villians seen in this movie were Poision Ivy, and Mr. Freeze. Unlike the previous movie, I am not all that disapointed by them. I must stress that this is not due to the fact that they were actually well done, but instead because they had far less potential to begin with in my mind. Casey says that the equivalent villian to Mr. Freeze in the old cartoon series was very well done, so I could be wrong about him not having enough potential.

Poision Ivy is not very interesting at all, and there is not much more to say about her. She was played about as good as one might expect given that she's a nymphomanical obsessive gardener.

Dr. Jason Woodrue

The mad scientist who was sharing the research center with Poision Ivy (played by the same actor who now does Lionel Luthor on Smallville) would have been an equally good villian as either of the other two.

Casey's Posts Continue to Devolve

You know when you drink enough that you're not really drunk, you're just tired? Yeah, me too.

You know how last time we did a marathon we had a nice mixture of wit and insight? Yeah, me neither.

This will likely be my last in the gay batman saga (I aim to pass out before the movie's end). Don't judge me because I'm an easy drunk, as Batman said in our first movie, "They may be drinkers, but they're still human beings." We're now watching Batman Begins and Batman is suddenly very heterosexual. How disapointing. Still, the last incarnation of Batman (Batman and Robin) was homoerotic as ever:

Batman and Robin have a falling out, "this is no partnership," but in the end after discovering that "[Batman has] some real issues with women" they make up and all is right with the world. Finally Batman has found his mate.

Yet something is amiss:

Also, Geoff has embraced the homoeroticism. Not only was he eager to post porn on the site earlier, he's just said that he doesn't know why he likes Christian Bale because he usually doesn't. Still, he liked American Psycho. He's not sure why because it was so weird. He "liked the running around naked with a chainsaw" part . . .

Stop And Smell The Roses

Well, we've taken a little break from the marathon. Went out, got some snacks and now Casey and Andrew are playing Smash Bros. Next up will be Batman Begins. A nice change from the last two movies. It'll be my first time watching it so close to having watched Tim Burton's Batman.

Yoshi stops to smell the roses

Thursday, January 05, 2006

At Least Batman Begins Is Coming Up Next

I'm not sure what is going on. I put a lot of work into making this awesome looking Batman Marathon site. I definately should have been making a Gay Batman site.

Along with other atrocities, we are now well into Batman & Robin. Yes, that is an atrocity in itself, but I am going to dig a little deeper. Comissioner Gordon and Alfred Pennyworth are te only re-accuring actors in the original 4 Batman movies. They are quite well acted in the first two, but the material they've been given in the last two?

I wonder, are the two of them embarassed about this movie?

Well, the drinking has started and I am still awake. Casey is an easy drunk (Ed note: It's true, as much as I'd like to deny it. Might explain the content of my posts, but maybe that just raises more questions). I leave you with this from Mr. Freeze:

"It is the size of your gun that counts"

Damn! Casey has got me into his little theme too.

Worst Post Ever

"I need a partner - come up stairs and we'll talk."

With these words Batman finally finds his true love. I know some of you may think that Batman's a bit old for Robin, but I think they're a cute couple. And you also might think this whole gay theme is really lame. You're right. I've got nothing.

Schumacher Schschumacher

I am sure that it has been said before, but Batman Forever ruined the idea of its two villians. A madman who is controlled soley by chaos and probability makes for a very interesting character. Two-face was not depicted in this way at all however, and as such did not live up to his potential at all.

The Riddler, for me, has always been a character of extraordinary intelligence, deviousness, and so forth. Not the wacky, overly hyper stereotypically "Carry" persona that he was.

One can hardly wonder why Joel Schumacher was fired.

Batman continues his Search . . .

Still a movie behind, no, now two movies behind:

In Batman Returns, the homoerotic undertones continue unabated! Now Penguin is trying to pick up Batman. Clearly he's been reading my posts.

A dim light enshrouds the two star crossed lovers. For so long they'd both dreamed of this. This very moment. Finally, they are alone. It's more awkward than they imagined. Finally, Penguin speaks, "Directness. That's something I admire about a man in a mask ," he says, imploring Batman to make his move. Their eyes lock.

But no, it's not meant to be. They are enemies.

Sigh, will Batman ever find his true love? Stay tuned.

A Lot Plastic Surgery I Guess

Well, we are now starting Batman Forever. For those of you that know Batman (or pay attention later on in the movie), you find out that Two Face was once D.A. Harvey Dent. But that is weird since we have seen Harvey Dent before. In Batman, Harvey Dent was a up an coming DA of a completely different race.

Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Dent) & Tommy Lee Jones (Two Face)
Harvey Dent Two-Face

"Get Into the Duck"

I enjoy the Penguin as a supervillan. Still, I dont know what it is that makes me think he's all that great. He has no athletic ability to speak of (being both short and overweight). He is often presented as being a little more intellectual then other villans, but he is certainly not the most intelligent of the lot. And finally, while he's certainly insane (as supervillans tend to be) his lunacy doesn't equal that of many of the other Batman bad guys.

All I can say is that I must like the idea of interesting weapons being hidden in totally mundane items. The various gadgets he has hidden within his unbrellas appeals to me (especially the helicopter).

Foursome Down to Two

As Casey said in his previous post, we are well into Batman Returns. This movie sees Catwoman and Penguin joining forces to take on Batman. It is interesting seeing the contrast in this partnership with the "United Underground" consisting of Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and Joker seen in the movie we started off with.

So far no liquor, or sleeping on my part. It helps that I'm not laying in my bed for this marathon. But we are 6 or 7 rounds into a mean game of asshole. Oddly, contrary to his personality, Casey is not the asshole.

Andrew's Still Losing With That Hand

Batman picks up, literally.

The start of Batman, two petty criminals discuss whether Batman is real or myth. Of course, he appears and beats them up. At this point the audience believes he's out stopping crime.

But, no. He's picking up!

"Don't kill me!"

"I'm not going to. Just make sure you tell all your friends about me!"

Batman then throws the criminal down and flies away. Hot.

Movie Update: We're well into Batman Returns, but I'm a bit behind.

A theme

I find myself sitting here trying to figure out a topic for my first contribution, and coming up with absolutely nothing. I need to find some sort of theme on which I can develop throughout the course of this marathon... like Casey's phallic symbols for instance. Oh well, I will up with something later I suppose.

Screeching Weasels

You know, we could create the impression with our Mocking Music website, that we're cool indie kids. We know a lot about music, we listen to "hip" music. Then we go and do a batman marathon. What's worse, we fill it with pictures of people holding lightsabers.


Have faith. There's still cool kids out there. You can find them here:

Movie Update: Joker is dead.

Curriculum Rocks - School is Cool (Smart Songs for Super Kids)

Mark's Arrival

Much to the surprise of Casey, and I Andrew invited Mark to Batman marathon. Sadly Andrew's mis-information was bestowed upon Mark as well. I just wonder what would happen if they had been prepared for a Batman marathon.

Wishing he and Andrew were more informed

Yeah, We're Cool . . .

Andrew arrives three hours late, ready for the . . .
Star Wars Marathon.

PETA: Founded by Caped Crusader?

It is a well known that Charlton Heston is (was?) the President of the NRA. Could it be a lesser known fact that Batman is in fact, President of PETA?

The evidence in this movie is astounding. We've seen Batman risk his life, bomb in hand, for a school of ducklings and more recently fight an entire gang of the United Underground's thugs whilst keeping safe the Catwoman's cat. We've also seen him mourn the loss of his tortoise friend, who obviously knew Batman's importance as a founding member of PETA.

This older movie has definately shown Batman in a new light. We've determined that Batman is a gay animal lover.

And now for Tim Burton's Batman.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Somehow, it's just not as intimidating as the batwing. The little girl giving thumbs up probably detracts somewhat from the menacing quality of the copter too . . .

Holy Homoerotic Batman!

"This may prove to be a most memorable night!" Exclaims Batman. He punctuates this sentiment by sliding up (yes, up . . .) the clearly phallic Bat pole.

Really, if that's not fraught with freudian undertones, nothing is.

Robin, the Shark Repellant!

"How should I know they would have a can of shark repellant handy!?"
Good question penguin, good question.

Exploding sharks and noble porpoises are what make this movie a cinematic masterpiece. I've always loved the shark scene - the way Batman tirelessly punches the shark, despite the fact that he has shark repellant handy. I'd never paid attention to an even better scene that comes later.

What cruelty, stuffing a poor shark with a ton of TNT!
Genius Personified

While volley after volley of nuclear missiles are fired Batman and Robin, their only defense is some sort of cosmic Batman ray. But wait! The ray is out of juice, and still there's one more missile! How will they survive? A noble porpoise (described as such by Robin) leaps into the oncoming missile, giving it's life to protect the dynamic duo.

They just don't make movies like they used to.

Atomic Batteries To Power, Turbines To Speed

The 2006 Batman Marathon has officially begun. We have started a bit late as we were waiting for one of members to show up. Sadly, ANdrew has not yet shown, but we are starting without him anyway..

Last night we came to a decision as to the order we will be viewing the movies. It will go as follows.

1) Batman: The Movie (Adam West Batman)
2) Batman
3) Batman Returns
4) Batman Forever
5) Batman & Robin
6) Batman Begins
7) Batman: Mask of the Phantasm

We have started watching the old 60s Batman. There goes Batman and Robin in the Batcopter. Hmm, almost two, at this rate it will be around 4 AM when we finish.

Monday, December 19, 2005

2006 Batman Marathon

Welcome to Mocking Music's second of what we hope to be a series of marathons. This time we are going into pages of one of comics darkest heroes for the 2006 Batman Marathon.

Our day-long Batman marathon will be much like its predecessor, the Star Wars Marathon. Casey, Andrew (who we hope has become a better "bloggist"), and I will be conducting it once again. We'll be keeping you updated in what's happening on the screen, as well as some behind the scenes action.

While the line-up has yet to be determined, the following have been considered.

Batman: The Movie (Adam West Batman)
Batman Returns
Batman Forever
Batman & Robin (which will mark Casey's first viewing)
Batman Begins
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (Animated)

A tentative date of Thursday, January 5th has been decided, but check at Mocking Music for the official announcement.